Thursday, November 30, 2017

Greta and Bella [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

Greta was so excited to schedule a photo session to capture some mother/daughter moments as her daughter, Bella,  recently celebrated her 6th birthday.  But what do you do when your child isn't as enthused as you are about having your photo taken?  You negotiate.  And, like many good parents, Greta is an expert at it.  

When they arrived for the session Greta explained that her mom took many photos on a regular basis, and Bella would just like for me to take 10 shots.  I can do that!  I told Bella that I was very happy to accommodate her request.  I explained that sometimes I have to take some test shots to make sure my camera was working. 

 And sometimes the light is wrong so I have to take some shots to fix it.  

And sometimes the wind blows the wrong way and makes your hair a MESS!  So we chatted as we went along.  

Just as we were approaching the limit I asked Bella if she was a model because she was doing such a fine job.  With that she struck a model pose, and I knew that she was feeling comfortable and that the window had opened to allow me a few extra shots.  

What a little sweetheart!  A wedding party joined us at our location, and Bella loved watching that photo session.  

When the bride and groom departed Bella, now inspired, continued to pose.  And I continued to shoot, observing the love between this little girl and her intuitive, caring mom.  

One afternoon, ten photos, and many endearing moments.   

Thank you, Greta and Bella.

                                                         I'll be remembering this day for a long time.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ron, Liz & Rory [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

When I met Liz, Ron, and Rory for a family photo shoot I felt as if I already knew them.  Maybe it's because Liz works with our daughter, Lauren, and I have heard about this family since Rory was born a year ago.  Or maybe it's just because they are such genuine, good people that you just can't help but want to be around them.  

Lauren and I met the family at Hingham harbor, per Liz's suggestion.  What a great choice for a late morning session!  Besides the beautiful harbor view there was also a small beach with dune grass and shade trees to provide protection from the late morning sun.

The beauty of a one year old is the joy they have for the little things.  The straw from iced coffee, for one...

Which we substituted for some beach toys.

As Lauren and Liz chatted Rory and Ron did some exploring.  They were so sweet together!  I could have watched them all day.

I loved how they gave her some room to safely explore, which she did with such confidence.

Can you stand the cuteness?

Some mommy time...

And Rory was happy to be with Lauren so I could capture some couple time, too!

Rory had skipped her morning nap so I knew we may have a shorter window to work with.  She was amazing! 

And as an added bonus Ron took Rory home for lunch and a nap, while Lauren and I got to extend our visit and enjoy lunch with Liz at the Hingham shipyard marina.  Thank you Liz, Ron and Rory!  What a fabulous way to spend a late summer day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jasmine's Arabian Princess Tea Party [Cape Cod Event Photographer]

What could be better than spending the day with princes and princesses?  Photographing them at The Cape Cod Children's Museum 10th Annual Princess Tea Party at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth! The proceeds from this event supports exhibits, education programs and affordable family events at the museum so it was wonderful to see so many friends at this wonderful occasion.

Many thanks to the sponsors and many volunteers who made this day possible.

  Because this is the 2nd year that I was invited to photograph this event I had many attendees already waiting to meet me in the garden before the doors opened to the tea room.

Family traditions begin here with new princesses.. well as generations of families who make this an annual event.

Some princesses are very comfortable in the spotlight!

There was much excitement when Jasmine arrived.  Unfortunately Aladdin couldn't make it because he was helping the Hurricane Irma victims in Florida

  There were so many fun activities!  A photo booth with props...

Accessories and raffle items..

Nail art and other art activities...

And, of course, delicious food!

 Beth Walsh Dance Centre entertained the guests with a mini Aladdin production,

and inspired other dancers in the audience when the show was over.

There was much anticipation when it was time for the raffle winners to be announced.

And some excited winners, too!

I'd say that everyone left with some happy memories of a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Family Tradition [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

This was my first visit to Cataumet for a family photo session at Bob and Genie's summer home.  I love home settings - everyone is so comfortable in a familiar environment, and I usually have a variety of setting options.  And the ever important shade for a sunny morning!  I began the session with the first of the families who were waiting on the patio when we arrived - Mark & Rebecca with their children Hugo, Augusta, and two year old twins, Phebe, and Fredericka.

We moved to the play area when cousins Millie and Lawrence arrived!

And their parents, Foster and Aileen.

I surveyed this beautiful property with Genie, and decided to use the apple orchard as the setting for the big family shot.  I haven't seen an orchard on the Cape - how could I resist? 

Just look at these cute girls!

The main house was originally purchased by Bob's mom in the 1950's and I knew that it was important to capture a shot with Bob and Genie, including the date marker of 1740.  I love the historic element that you often find on the Cape.

 Foster, Rebecca and Victoria, (and Freddie!) join them.

So now that the photos were done it was time to play!  This is my favorite part, when the children show me THEIR favorite places.  Millie has her little tree, which she shared with Augusta on the adjacent property.

And Hugo had his big tree.  Love the barefoot...

What a wonderful way to spend a childhood summer - on Cape Cod,  playing with your cousins, and just a hop and a skip from your grandparents house.  I have an idea that this tradition will continue for many generations to come. Thank you, Bob and Genie, for inviting us to capture a snippet of you and your family in this special place.