Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Geof, Renee & Cooper [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

This family captured my heart even before I met them!  Geof reached out to schedule a surprise session for his wife, Renee, as a 2nd anniversary gift.  Such a loving gesture from a husband who knows his wife so well, and recognizes the importance of capturing family moments before they become a distant memory.  Geof and Renee are the proud parents of 6 month old, Cooper, a sweet boy with such a happy disposition.  They wanted to take advantage of a family visit to the Cape to get some beach photos of Cooper's first summer.

Let me tell you, he was THE smiliest baby ever!  Oh my gosh, Cooper was so engaged and I couldn't believe how he grinned at every turn.  

Throughout this session I couldn't help but remember our own children at this age and how quickly they move into another phase. 

The bond of this family was so evident; Geof and Renee are so in love with each other, and their beautiful little boy.

Of course I had to include a few shots of their first "baby", Tini, too!  She's the official big sister, and is Cooper's first dog.  What a cutie.

I was so honored to be a part of these special moments on a beautiful summer day.  Thank you, Geof and Renee, for sharing your morning and your son with Scott and I.   Your gift was a gift to us, too.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Lauren & Daniel: After Glow [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

One week ago a beautiful summer day, our daughter married the love of her life.  I usually choose to tell a story in sequential order, but as one may deduce from the title of this blog I am not going to do that today.  Instead I am commencing with the day after the wedding which, technically speaking, is a beginning.  And a pretty big one at that.  On Saturday morning our families met for breakfast, happy to have a little time to chat about the amazing wedding day Lauren and Daniel had shared with us the day before.  It also was a great opportunity to really look at their wedding rings.  They were so excited after their visit to the jeweler to pick them up;  the hammered effect on Daniel's ring was actually done by Lauren at the jeweler's shop.   The glow on their faces lit up the room on this dreary day, and they were overjoyed to show us that it truly is official.