Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beach House [Cape Cod Real Estate Photographer]

Architecture has always been near and dear to my heart so I was quite excited for an invitation to photograph a home for a real estate listing in Harwich.  Jacquie Newson of Oceanside Realty Group was our real estate agent when we purchased our Cape home and she is fabulous!   I knew that this was going to be a fun adventure; I was looking forward to working with Jacquie and seeing this oceanside property.  The house was abuzz with activity when I arrived so I decided to start my story upstairs, where it was quieter, and I had room to move without disturbing anyone.  As I made my way through the bedrooms and living spaces, all with incredible ocean views, I began to get a sense of the history in this place and the memories that have been created here:  children playing on the lawn while the grownups relaxed on the front porch, early morning dips in the pool,  shell collecting, wave jumping, and evening walks on the beach.  Warm sunlight and ocean breezes through the open windows filled the inside of the house with the unmistakable pine and salt scents of Cape Cod.  If I lived here I don't think that I would ever leave!  As an added bonus there is a boat dock just down the road and another path to the beach.  Oh wow.  I loved capturing the essence of this home, and I know that the buyer will appreciate all that it has to offer.  I can't wait to photograph some smaller properties, too, and find the personality in those homes.

If you want to see more information on this house you can click on the link below: