Sunday, August 16, 2015

Birthday Wishes

I love when clients inspire me with new ideas! I was so excited when Colleen called to book a photo session to commemorate Reagan's  birthday.  Children grow so quickly, as parents know all too well, and she thought that professional photos were a wonderful way to document her daughter's life as she turns 7.  Reagan was clearly excited about this idea;  this girl came prepared!  They arrived with a bagful of props that Reagan had collected at her grandmother's house.

As time passed Reagan became more comfortable, and gave us some model poses... well as an Irish step dancing demo.

The mother/daughter shots are very close to my heart.  Those personal exchanges tell more than words, and mean so much.

This was such a special evening for us all - I could have played all day with this sweet girl.

Happy birthday, Reagan!  I hope that you have a wonderful year, and that we can celebrate with you again!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

When Friends and Family Meet [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

It was a perfect summer day for Emily and Brett's vacation family photo session.  Too perfect, in fact, as the beach was more crowded than I have ever experienced so late in the day.  So what to do??  We decided to start in a quiet cove across the street; we had the place to ourselves.      

Sarah, 7, was a sweet and attentive big sister and David, 3, was a cute and curious little brother.

 It was especially fun to be joined by second cousins, Sadie and baby Naomi, and their mom, Carly.  I wish that I could have seen the parents behind me as they worked to capture the children's attention - they were awesome! 

When it was time to try the beach again we were able to find some space for some more family and kid shots.

And Mom and Dad, who look like newlyweds.

Girlfriends need their time, too.

 I love the last moments at the end of the evening when the children play and the parents chat and the sky glows in orange and pink.

Finding treasures, chasing waves and laughing with delight: these memories are the best Cape Cod souvenirs.