Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seabury [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

There's an expression in New England: if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.  This certainly rang true this week with my family photo session.  It wasn't supposed to rain but midmorning a downpour came out of nowhere.  I figured all would be well by that evening except for the newest forecast that not only said rain showers but also added that dreaded little emblem of lightning bolts coming out of a cloud.  Hmm, not so good for beach shot.  Especially with the 90% highlighted next to it.  I like to allow a little wiggle room for a vacation photo shoot so we rescheduled for another day.  And what do you know, a patch of blue sky magically appeared! So we made a run for it; what a great decision!  This cute little guy and his parents were ready to go.  He couldn't wait to scramble on the first rock for a photo with his new friend, Seabury.  He was so impressed by the nice lady in the shop in Mashpee Commons who just gave the stuffed seal to him! (oh yes, for a price, his mom added).  Ahh, the joys of being 4!!  He was the cutest, funniest, sweetest boy with a grin that melted your heart.  The rain abated and we explored the quiet beach: shooting,  playing, laughing and enjoying the seaside beauty of Cape Cod.  We knew we were having fun because this little boy kept telling us that we were!  And he was so right....  I took a record number of shots and am so excited to share this sneak preview as I organize an album.  A lovely evening with a lovely family.