Thursday, November 30, 2017

Greta and Bella [Cape Cod Lifestyle Family Photographer]

Greta was so excited to schedule a photo session to capture some mother/daughter moments as her daughter, Bella,  recently celebrated her 6th birthday.  But what do you do when your child isn't as enthused as you are about having your photo taken?  You negotiate.  And, like many good parents, Greta is an expert at it.  

When they arrived for the session Greta explained that her mom took many photos on a regular basis, and Bella would just like for me to take 10 shots.  I can do that!  I told Bella that I was very happy to accommodate her request.  I explained that sometimes I have to take some test shots to make sure my camera was working. 

 And sometimes the light is wrong so I have to take some shots to fix it.  

And sometimes the wind blows the wrong way and makes your hair a MESS!  So we chatted as we went along.  

Just as we were approaching the limit I asked Bella if she was a model because she was doing such a fine job.  With that she struck a model pose, and I knew that she was feeling comfortable and that the window had opened to allow me a few extra shots.  

What a little sweetheart!  A wedding party joined us at our location, and Bella loved watching that photo session.  

When the bride and groom departed Bella, now inspired, continued to pose.  And I continued to shoot, observing the love between this little girl and her intuitive, caring mom.  

One afternoon, ten photos, and many endearing moments.   

Thank you, Greta and Bella.

                                                         I'll be remembering this day for a long time.