Friday, March 28, 2014

Light Painting

I recently became a member of the Cape Cod Art Association and the camera club affiliated with this art group.  Such a great idea!  It is so inspiring to be connected with other photographers who are so passionate and enthusiastic and so generous in sharing their knowledge.  Last night's meeting topic was "Light Painting", literally using a flashlight at night to illuminate your subject.  Several stations were set up so you could set up your tripod and try some different techniques.  It was a little like camping, navigating in the dark with a flashlight, but oh what fun!

You can even draw with the light. Who knew??

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coffee Reading

My friend, Eleni, introduced me to Greek coffee.  Cappuccino is my love so I wasn't sure what to think as I watched her mix the fine brown grounds and sugar into the small handled pot of boiling water and pour it into these tiny pink cups. No milk, no filters, no spoon.  The first sip was a pleasant surprise and after the second sip I was in love. And, as you can see, so much so that I forgot to take a photo until about the 4th sip!  The grounds settle into the bottom so you really only get 3/4 of a cup of bliss. Apparently when you are finished you can "read" the grounds in your cup and know your fortune.  Maybe next time. I'm guessing this cup predicted blowing snow and researching where I can buy some Greek coffee... 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Color Burst

There's nothing like a visit to the Boston Flower Show to boost your spirits at the end of winter!  Color never looked so good and these roses smell like heaven.  I know because we have been enjoying them on our dining room table!  These would look really good in front of the white fence in our front yard...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Fresh Perspective

While looking through family photo albums a while ago my daughter, Lauren, remarked that there were more photos of Stephen than there were of her as a child.  And, regretfully, this is true.  One reason was a malfunctioning Minolta and the shortage of funds to fix it.  These were the days of film, which also involved the cost of film as well as developing fees.  There wasn’t a limitless opportunity for an array of digital shots or quick re-dos because my playback denoted closed eyes, blurred focus or insufficient light.  These early photos are spontaneous, unrehearsed snippets of life captured by me as a young mother.  But what may be lacking in quantity is made up for in the quality of the moment.   And this makes them more special.  This photo was taken as nine-month-old Lauren awoke from her morning nap. When I opened the door she had pushed herself up and was peeking over the edge of her bassinette.  When I opened the blind she turned to the window and her sweet little face was basked in light.  I realized how quickly she was growing and very soon she would no longer fit in her little bed.  So I ran for my camera, found a comfortable spot on the floor and quietly observed as my daughter explored the world from her brand new perspective.
Have a wonderful birthday, Lauren!