Monday, June 9, 2014

Stephen and Anna

I have photographed many wonderful events and milestones in the lives of our children. There is a sense of familiarity seeing their smiles behind the lens, recognizing their special facial expressions,  and joyfully clicking away knowing  that these shots will become a documentation of our family history.  Saturday was a special day - our son, Stephen, married his love, Anna.  And while I wasn’t the official wedding photographer I had the honor of being “mom” photographer, capturing the preparatory shots at home.  

It began with Anna, Lauren and I having our hair styled by their friend, Cassie, at the kitchen table. 

 Time for the dress...

                                                                       and the shoes!

All ready to go.


Grammie and Gramps waiting until it's time for Lauren to escort them to their seats.

                                                                          It's official!


                                                  A picture perfect amazing day in every way.