Saturday, August 6, 2016

Emily's Story [Cape Cod High School Senior Photographer]

One of the best things about being a photographer is that it gives me the opportunity to tell a story.  Often it's a short story, a snippet of life captured in a few hours.  But sometimes, as in the case of Emily's senior photo session this week, it is part of a chapter book, one that I contributed to 12 years ago when she was a preschooler at Art Play Nursery School in Portland, Maine.  Photography was one small aspect of my role as a preschool teacher.  Art, dramatic play, reading countless books, lots of snuggles, giggles, some tears, and the always popular snack time and outdoor play.  During this time of learning and growing a preschool teacher develops a relationship with a child that extends way beyond the classroom.  Their family also becomes an important part of your life.  That's the best, along with the birth of new siblings, which extends the family attendance time frame!  I was thrilled when Emily's mom, Wendy, invited me do this special photo shoot as their family was vacationing in Cape Cod.  It was such a happy reunion to meet Wendy, Pete, Emily and their dog, Moses, at one of my favorite spots in Brewster.  Emily has grown to become a beautiful, funny, confident, independent, smart, sweet and loving young lady.  And while her outward appearance has changed since I knew her as a 5-year old, I still detected some familiar elements - the tilt of her head when she smiled, and the sparkle in her eye that let you know when she was happy.  I loved that Emily wanted to include Moses, in a few of the shots, too.  Our time together flew by!  We chatted like old times and caught up with each other's lives in between shots.  Like every good story I have to admit that there a few times I had to swallow back some tears.  I know that Emily is excited to start her new chapter as a high school senior; I am so honored to have shared a few moments in this one.